Gangs of Sherwood Pc game + Full Version Free Download

Gangs of Sherwood Pc game + Full Version Free Download

Gangs of Sherwood Pc game + Full Version Free DownloadGangs of Sherwood PC game is an enigmatic concept. You are Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and Robin Hood combined into one. Together, you will fight the Sheriff of Nottingham in a bizarre, post-apocalyptic ancient England where science and magic coexist. It’s a steampunk neon fantasy adaptation of the IP that goes well with the disorganized gameplay. I was both grateful for Gangs of Sherwood’s existence and perplexed by some of the design choices. Although it’s a 2008 Arcade game, the home port doesn’t have any additional depth. It’s a brand-new 2023 PC and console game, and it’s among the worst things I’ve ever reviewed.

Gangs of Sherwood is a cooperative action brawler that allows for up to four players to join at once. Marian and Robin are smoldering and have a tight fit. Being big boys, Little John and Friar Tuck can lift or smash through certain barriers. There are side areas off the main path in most levels that grant you chests containing gold or per-run buffs. Apart from that, you will sprint, leap, and strike your way through a roughly ten-hour campaign until you either lose consciousness or smash your console in a fit of rage. It’s not that the game is challenging; rather, it’s the disappointment of unrealized potential.

Key Features:

  • CHARGE THE REBELLION: Take on the roles of four heroes: Little John, Marian, Friar Tuck, and Robin. Each has a distinct gameplay style that can be fully customized. Go out and find riches to plunder and distribute to the underprivileged. Hordes of foes stand in the way, blocking the path from Sherwood Forest to the Sheriff’s flying castle.
  • GIVE TO THE POOR AND ROB THE RICH: Moreover, TO ARM YOURSELF: Save innocent lives and distribute your loot to the populace to build your reputation. This will allow you to unlock new upgrades and even more devastating combos. Use the gold you still have to purchase equipment upgrades and skill customizations to fit your preferred fighting style from merchants.
  • UPGRADED FOR UP TO FOUR PLAYERS: To achieve incredibly satisfying combos, land more and more impressive combos and collaborate with your teammates. Before embarking on missions, gather your friends in your hideout to discuss the best course of action. Then, test your plan of action on the battlefield.


Gangs of Sherwood Free Download
Gangs of Sherwood Free Download


I just gameplayed a lot of Super Mario Wonder and it was miles more difficult than Gangs of Sherwood.  Even if the game was more difficult though it wouldn’t make up for how repetitive it all is.  I changed characters often to try and fight it off.  I gave up and just played Marian though as it let me get through the monotony more quickly.  Robin Hood builds up golden arrows, Little John builds up a Fire AoE, and Friar Tuck just smashes things insanely fast with his big hammer.

Eventually, you get unlocks like Rebel mode which makes the game even easier.  I had more damage output, and more heals, and the enemies were the same.  As you progress through each level you’ll have a Gang Power meter that goes up as you murder or hit checkpoints.  By the time I was at 3 power (out of 4), I could one-shot any mob with a full combo.  It should be fun, all the trappings are there.  I could mute the voices and just talk with friends if the combat had any depth, but it doesn’t.  Nothing in this game has any depth, and with shorter levels, I honestly think it would be an okay time at the Arcades.

System Requirements
  • OSWindows 10. OSWindows 10.
  • ProcessorIntel Core i7-4790 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X. ProcessorIntel Core i5-11600K or AMD Ryzen 5 5600X.
  • Memory16 GB. Memory16 GB.
  • Storage15 GB. Storage15 GB.
  • Direct X11. Direct X12.
  • Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650S, 4 GB, or AMD Radeon RX 570, 4 GB.

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