Red Rebellion + Torrent Free Download 

Red Rebellion + Torrent Free Download Red Rebellion + Torrent Free Download 


Experience a Red Rebellion game where every moment is enhanced by a renowned artist-composed, emotionally charged, and evocative soundtrack. The soundtrack will make you gasp whether you’re participating in fierce combat, surreptitiously entering enemy bases, or going through crucial story points.

Two mythical characters emerge from the shadows to oppose Morwen’s authority in the middle of this crisis. Together with Red Riding Hood, the bold and tenacious girl who previously defeated the Big Bad Wolf, Robin Hood, the accomplished archer and master of deception, forms a coalition. Together, their strengths enable them to create an unbreakable bond and set out on an incredible mission to remove Morwen from power and bring peace back to Fairvale.

Key Features:

  • Several Girl x Girl Pairs with a Main Couple Perspective
  • Numerous Options and Playtime Hours
  • Choose the course of the story by deciding between various character outfits.
  • Two Conclusions with Exquisitely Drawn CGs, BGs, and Big Cast
  • Historic Terms Original Medieval Soundtrack Additional Glossary: Character Profiles, CG Gallery, and Music Player
  • Language: English Currently Available Accessibility Features: Self-Voicing, Song/SFX Captions, Fonts


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She either assumes the persona of the fabled outlaw or waits in vain for a hero who doesn’t exist. She is aware that it will be risky, but she still takes a chance at dying. Robin is not alone. A witch provides guidance. Red Riding Hood gives her hope. As more and more choose to join her cause, Robin finds herself at the heart of a burgeoning rebellion. She’s cautious and smart, and brilliant with a bow… but there are so many pieces in play, so many people relying on her.



  • OS: Windows 2000+
  • Processor: 1 Ghz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX or OpenGL-compatible card
  • Storage: 600 MB available space

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