Silent Hill Ascension + Torrent Free Download

Silent Hill Ascension + Torrent Free Download

Silent Hill Ascension + Torrent Free Download

Silent Hill Ascension visuals present a stunning and eerily lovely world. The peaceful yet eerie ambiance of the Norwegian fishing village contrasts with Pennsylvania’s decaying industrial landscapes, producing an uncomfortable contrast that heightens the tension and uneasiness.
With a melancholic soundtrack that will chill players to the bone, the game’s audio design takes the horror elements to new heights. The ambient audio effects fully submerge players in the game world.

In the aftermath of recent murders, the show centers on an international ensemble cast that is being tormented by trauma manifestations that threaten to consume their kids. In order to establish the franchise as a byword for psychological horror, Silent Hill producer Motoi Okamoto intended to take it outside of the town of the same name. Together with Shanon Ingles and her interactive narrative studio Martian Brothel, who oversaw the writing team, Stephan Bugaj crafted the central tale.

Key Features:

  • Karl Johansen was a farmer from Norway who was motivated by strange visions to defend his family from evil townspeople.
  • Neuropathologist Astrid Johansen is confronted with her past after being connected to an enigmatic disappearance.
  • Toby Cirelli is a reckless alcoholic who is enraged with the people he believes are to blame for his sister’s estrangement from him.
  • ‘Eric’ Hernandez, Alonso, is a sensitive man torn between his family and friends.
  • Devoted community leader Rachel Hernandez has doubts about her beliefs following an unexplained death.
  • After a traumatic event, Xavier Candless, a charismatic leader, starts to face doubts from his community.


Silent Hill Ascension + Torrent Free Download

System Requirements:

  • Overall: Max. 77
  • Positions: CB
  • Defending: Max. 80
  • Physicality: Max. 78
  • Pace: Max. 72
  • Dribbling: Max. 70
  • PlayStyles: Max. 7

What’s New?

  • Hours of the film were made, with several iterations of the main scenes to allow for various results and configurations.
  • The week before an episode airs, viewers participate in the story on the official website and mobile app.
  • Konami was drawn to the project because of its innovative technical concept and global streaming service, which they believed would draw players to the video games.


This Silent Hill gameplay guide was a little different from the others. Silent Hill: Ascension is not set up as a game per se but instead as a horror television series.

You will fundamentally watch more than interact with it, having only a few simple puzzles sprinkled within.

As interesting as the desire and attempt to participate in the decisions may be, the game’s monetization is being harshly rebuked, as it overly benefits paying players compared to free-to-players.

It is not our role to criticize, but as a guide, we must point out all the context so that your Influence Points are invested with caution.

However, the design of Silent Hill: Ascension is quite interesting. Who knows, maybe it will inspire other franchises to do the same, and more interactive series will emerge worldwide.

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