Solium Infernum + Full Version Free Download

Solium Infernum + Full Version Free Download

Solium Infernum + Full Version Free Download

A turn-based strategy game called Solium Infernum takes place in the lowest reaches of Hell. The Infernal Throne is empty and the Prince of Darkness has disappeared. To choose the next Infernal Pit ruler, a conclave of the Powers and Potentates of Hell will be called Pandemonium.

League of Greeks is the developer of the high-end strategy game Solium Infernum free for the PC. This grand strategy game takes place in a dark and terrifying underworld and features multiple factions vying for control as well as political intrigue. Its combat system also uses turn-based mechanics. Similar to Crusader Kings III and Age of Civilizations II, Solium Infernum is a game of wit and cunning in which players must go above and beyond to succeed. The use of supernatural themes in the story and overall design sets it apart from its contemporary counterparts.

The setting of Solium Infernum full version download is the Infernal Kingdom of Hell itself, where The Throne is empty as The Prince of Darkness has mysteriously disappeared. In the game, you assume control of one of the eight Archfiends, who are underworld lords vying for supremacy. To accomplish your objectives, enter Pandaemonium’s capital city and navigate the Infernal Conclave’s political nuances.

Key Features:

  • Solium Infernum is a simultaneous turn-based political strategy game for up to six players that requires nerves of steel and a heart of darkness. Put your mind – and your friendships – to the test.
  • In your path to victory stands the hellish red tape of Pandaemonium, Hell’s capital, and its Infernal Conclave.
  • You’ll need to deftly navigate the Conclave’s labyrinthine political systems that govern and control the Fallen, whilst avoiding the insidious plots of your fellow Archfiends.
  • Every order you give will have a lasting consequence, and Solium Infernum’s simultaneous turn structure will force you into the minds of your rivals, second-guessing both their moves and your own.
  • Play as one of eight powerful, sinister Archfiends, High Demon Rulers of the Great Houses of Hell, as they vie for control of Hell’s capital, Pandaemonium.
  • Painstakingly crafted, each Archfiend has its unique powers and demonic assets – strongholds, legions, and champion praetors – at their bidding.
  • Play a game of politics, master powerful sorceries, or become a wrathful warmonger.
  • Use Events, Rituals, Diplomacy, and Schemes wisely, as you make your choices and specialize your play style with Power trees that unlock dark powers.
  • Play intense multiplayer games of deceit and politics in a single session, or enjoy Solium Infernum’s infamous asynchronous multiplayer for a truly harrowing scheme-in-your-sleep experience.
  • Show the underworld who is the most powerful, cunning, and infamous Archfiend of them all.
  • Prepare for a striking vision of Hell, unlike anything you’ve seen before, a truly twisted mindscape of the Underworld. Solium Infernum is an infernal feast for the eyes with over 150 individual dark paintings to enjoy.
  • Originally inspired by Milton’s epic poem, Paradise Lost, League of Geeks’ (known for the seminal digital board game


Solium Infernum Full Version Free Download

Solium Infernum Full Version Download

Solium Infernum Free Download


  • Unique setting and premise
  • Deep and strategic gameplay
  • Asynchronous multiplayer


  • Still in development

System Requirement:

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5 10600
    • Memory: 12 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GT 1060
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 8 GB available space

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